D. L. Augustine, Author & Motivational Speaker


The path to change was long and winding but, today Mrs. Augustine is a Minister of the Gospel, Author, Radio Talk Show Host, and Playwright. Her path to victory was not easily found or won but with over 30 years of walking with Christ behind her, she totally credits the mercies of God for her new life. D. L.’s goals are to continue her writing career but to eventually transition into the film industry

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About D.L. Augustine

D.L. Augustine

Author • Playwright • Motivational Speaker

D.L. Augustine, playwright, author, and motivational speaker lives in Etna Ohio and is also a wife, mother, and minister. As a child, she learned through books, you could travel the world and create your own reality by escaping into the wonderful world of fiction where you could be what and who you wanted to be. Out of this love for the written word, a writer was born…

I don’t want to survive, I want to win! Now don’t get me wrong, in order to win, you must first survive...

- D.L. Augustine

Dry Bones

The Bible asks the question “Who is on the Lords side”

Dry Bones is a novel, or a cautionary tale if you will, that exposes not only wolves in sheep’s clothing, but also sheep who have left their first love “He that hath and ear, let him hear.”

Dry Bones
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